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Exciting new features and designs provide you with more tools to help your patients than ever before.  We provide many different options and adjustments to configure the system so it makes sense for EACH patient and their individual needs.  Adjustments and alterations for the function of the system are quick and easy and require a minimum amount of instruction.  Please take a few minutes to learn about these features and how they might help you help your patients achieve the results you are aspiring for.

Motion Control Module:  Watch how the module enables natural side shift and vertical displacement of the patients center of gravity

Studio 3 18352.jpg

Easy Seat:  The Easy Seat provides weight bearing support as well as pelvic control with wait strap and padding.  The seat pivots to allow for pelvic rotation during gait.

Studio 3 18349 (2).jpg

On the Go Height Adjustment:  See how the system height can quickly and easily be adjusted.. even as the patient is ambulating.

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Studio 3 18333.jpg
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Torso Support:  There are a variety of torso support options available to provide your kiddo with the most effective assistance possible.  The various options can be added or subtracted as the need dictates.

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Hand Prompts:  We have a  version of the Gait-Way base that is designed for use by therapists in their clinics.  You can utilize a single system in your clinic for a 2 year old up to teenagers.  See how you could enhance your therapy with this wonderful tool in your clinic


Gait-Way Base:  The Mini base converts to a Small and the Medium base converts to a large with the help of a growth kit, reducing the need for purchasing units as a child grows... saving thousand of dollars.

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