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Where do I use a Gait-Trainer?

A wide variety of children and young adults use the Gait-way or other types of gait trainers.  There is also a wide variety of skills and capabilities that our various users enjoy.  The level of energy, coordination, weight bearing capability and stepping abilities will determine to some degree where you utilize the system.  Those clients who are just at the beginning stages of walking may not take a large number of steps thus will not require large areas to get practice and exercise in the system.  The more their capabilities grow the bigger space they may enjoy utilizing the system in.  We see many children using wide open spaces such as parks, tennis and basketball courts.  When weather is a problem malls and grocery stores are fantastic locations to have fun and practice new found skills and capabilities.  The Gait-Way system is very light and transportable so the size of your home or apartment does not limit your use of the system.  The gait-way is a source of freedom and independence for your child as well as an important source of exercise.

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