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How can I get a gait trainer?

Most Families will consult their physicians and Physical therapists to help determine what type of device makes the most sense for their child.  Physical therapists typically have a great deal of experience with gait trainers and can help to recommend a model for you.  Occasionally the therapist will arrange for a trial on a system.  This may entail a DME (Durable Medical Equipment) supplier representative making available a unit for a child to try in the clinic to see how things go.  Although it is not always possible to get a sample unit to test with your child.  Once a system is found that satisfies your child’s needs the process of acquiring the unit begins.  Your therapist along with your DME representative will work with you to get insurance to pay for the device.  This process can sometimes take a couple of months or more for approval but most insurance companies will pay for gait trainers. 

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