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Hoogenboom Signature Series

Products designed and manufactured with the same passion and dedication as the man who’s vision made it all possible.


Sky Medical Inc. was founded by a group of like minded Individuals who wanted to build not only a successful business but design and manufacture products that ultimately would benefit patients in need.  Over the past 20 years, Terry Hoogenboom, showed an unprecedented amount of dedication, vigilance and support for our company and its goals.  Terry's unwavering commitment to building a company that would ultimately help people was, and is an inspiration to us all.  Our pediatric line of products provides us inspiration daily, through the dramatic impact it has on children across this country and around the world.  These products would not exist today had Terry not provided the vision and foundation required to embark on the development of these products.  In tribute to Terry’s contributions, our pediatric line will now fall under the banner of the

Hoogenboom Signature Series

Forever linking this inspirational man to an outstanding line of products he made possible.

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